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Pet Proofing Your House

Similar to baby proofing, it’s wise to pet proof your home to give your fur babies a safe place to play and explore.

Here are 4 pet friendly home tips that both you AND your furry friends will love:

🔸Dedicate a drawer or cabinet to pet stuff and supplies. Organize treats, leashes, collars, doggie bags, medications, bathing products, brushes + combs, and all other pet supplies so that everything is readily accessible and easy to find.

🔸Instead of hardwood flooring or carpet, opt for something more durable like luxury vinyl, engineered wood, or tile. If your pets shed, choose a flooring color close to their fur color so you don’t have to vacuum as often.

🔸Washable rugs will be your best friend if you have pets! If your furry friend runs around your rug with muddy paws, just throw it in the washing machine, and it will look brand new!

🔸Take safety seriously! Use childproof locks on cupboards and cabinets close to the ground, keep toilet lids closed, ensure electric cords are out of reach, cover your garbage, and keep medications, chemicals, and cleaners stored away or on a high shelf.

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