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want to buy a houase?

Want To Buy a House?

Buying a home is a huge decision & it will most likely be one of the biggest purchases of your life. As a home buyer, working with a real estate agent is extremely beneficial. An experienced, qualified real estate agent will be able to answe...

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Building equity is one of the biggest benefits of homeownership. Home equity is the difference between how much you owe on your mortgage & how much your home is worth. As you pay down your mortgage each month & as the value of your home increas...

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Basics On Making An Offer

The Basics On Making An Offer On A House

Making an offer on a house doesn’t have to be hard. Here are the basics: Pick a starting price (with your agent’s help) Set your contingencies and other offer details Decide how much money to put down for your earnest deposit Ge...

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How Much Does It Cost

How Much Does It Cost To Purchase A Home?

One question I often get from home buyers is, “how much does it cost to purchase a home?” Let’s break it down: The home seller typically pays ALL agent commissions. This means that, as a homebuyer, working with a real estate agent ...

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3 Things To Do RIGHT NOW

3 Things To Do RIGHT NOW To Become A Homeowner

Is becoming a homeowner on your to-do list for 2023? Then let’s talk about 3 things you should do RIGHT NOW if you want to make it happen! Find a real estate agent you trust! It’s important to work with an experienced and knowledge...

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Saving Money To Buy A House

Saving Money To Buy A House?

If you are looking to tighten up your budget and save some SERIOUS money to make your homeownership dreams come true, this post is for you! Here are 10 creative and small ways you can save money for homeownership: Declutter your home ...

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Good Real Estate Agent Will Do For You

10 Things A Good Real Estate Agent Will Do For You

A good Realtor is knowledgeable, resourceful, and personable - they need to have good communication skills, pay attention to detail, and be an advocate for you. Since your realtor will be super involved with your real estate transaction, it...

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Moving Tips & Tricks

Moving Tips & Tricks

Moving Day! Moving day is often hectic and exhausting! Avoid some of the unnecessary stress and anxiety of moving with my top moving tips & tricks! Keep a first-aid kit in your car in case an accident happens during the move. No ...

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