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Do NOT Click “Contact Agent”

Most consumers believe when they click “contact agent” that they are getting the listing agent. What’s really happening when you click that link is your information is being taken, monetized and sold to the highest bidder and/or to the person who is willing to pay the portal, the biggest percentage of a referral fee. Basically, the agent you’re contacting is NOT the listing agent and they paid a lot of money to the online site to receive your phone call. Real estate agents and the real estate industry was sold on all this early on when these third party search engines got all of the real estate information for free and then they turned around and sold it back to us.


The scariest thing about this is the fact there’s no checks and balances as to which agent receives your information, other than they paid the most money. You have no idea how experienced or knowledgeable the agent is who meets you at the property. When an agent shows you a property, they should be the one who writes an offer and represents you in the sale. Who you work with matters!

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Dawn Forkenbrock | Arizona Realtor, Real Broker 🌵

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