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How To Decide Which Homes To Tour

🏠 When it comes to showings, it can be overwhelming to tour more than a few houses in a single day. How are you supposed to remember what each one looked like and what features were your favorite?

My showing process with clients goes something like this:

1️⃣ Discuss Your Home Wishlist: We’ll sit down and talk about your needs, wants, deal makers, and deal-breakers, that way I know your exact criteria!

2️⃣ Set-Up an MLS Search: With access to the MLS, I’ll set up a search to find homes that meet your requirements. When I find a listing I think you might like, I’ll send it your direction to get feedback, and we’ll create a “homes to tour” list!

3️⃣ Get Ready to Tour: Once we find a few homes you are interested in, I will set up showings and we’ll tour some houses! To avoid burnout, I encourage my clients to only tour 3-4 homes a day. Doing this prevents confusion and will help you to remember each house we view — which is important when you decide to write an offer!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before deciding which homes you should tour:

✔️ Does this home fit my budget?
✔️ Is this home in a neighborhood I like?
✔️ Is this home in a “commute friendly” area? (close to work, schools, family, friends, etc)
✔️ Does this home have enough space? (bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, etc)
✔️ Does this home fit my needs?

Interested in homeownership? I’d love to help you start the process – send me a DM to connect & send to a friend who is thinking about buying a house.

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