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How To Get Your House Ready To List For Sale

Not sure what to focus on when preparing your house to hit the market? Here’s some tips on how you can get your home ready to list for sale & get top dollar with the least amount of out of pocket expenses as possible. Even if your home is expected to sell fast, missing these steps could cost you thousands in profit. Investing your time, energy and resources into the suggestions will help your home sell faster with better terms.

1️⃣ Decluttering

The most common thing sellers need to work on that tends to take the most amount of time. Let’s face it-we live in our homes & most of us have a lot of stuff everywhere. When you’re selling your house you want to remove all this clutter including kitchen & bathroom countertops, & the tops of dressers & other furniture. Remove mismatched artwork & personal photos off the walls. It may seem like your house looks “boring” to you but this way a buyer can envision their own items in your home.

2️⃣ Cleanliness

This may seem like a no brainer but I cannot even tell you the amount of homes I’ve showed that have dirty baseboards, floors & bathrooms. It’s a huge turnoff for buyers & they often wonder if you haven’t cleaned your home, what else you may not have maintained. I strongly suggest you invest in hiring a company to deep clean your home prior to listing it for sale. When you list your house with the Forkenbrock group, we actually include this service in our listing package.

3️⃣ Repairs

Take care of any obvious repairs. This includes items you can see with the naked eye or items that would be easily discovered during a home inspection.

4️⃣ Neutral Colors

If your house has any walls that are not a neutral color, I strongly suggest you look into have them painted. The photos & videos will look better if a house has neutral colors & the it will show better in person. If the walls are other colors, the buyers will be mentally calculating the cost of needing to paint themselves which could result in a lower offer.

5️⃣ Curb Appeal

Most people enter their homes through their garage but buyers will be walking in through your front door. You’ll want to make sure the walkway & patio are swept & clean. A pot of flowers or a plant is always a nice touch. I also recommend getting a new doormat & some sellers even put a fresh coat of paint on their front door.

Preparing your home for sale can seem overwhelming so it’s important to work with an agent or a team who can guide you through every step of the way & make it as easy as possible. If you need any help getting started or have any questions I am here to help. 📧 Message me to set up a consultation & don’t forget to save this post for future reference!

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