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I Never Thought Being A Realtor Would Be Like This!

When I first became a Realtor, I NEVER thought I would be doing some of the things I now do on regular basis!

🔸I never thought I’d film videos.

🔸I never thought I would do photoshoots for social media.

🔸I didn’t think I’d have to do listing videos or write video scripts or compelling listing descriptions.

🔸I didn’t know I’d be like a therapist to my clients at times.

🔸I didn’t know kids would throw pinecones at my head during a showing.

🔸I didn’t know I’d have agents yell at me in front of my clients because our appointments overlapped.

🔸I didn’t think about how I needed to learn marketing or negotiation skills or that I’d need to know how to run an actual business.

Realtors-What would you add to this list?

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