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Saving Money To Buy A House?


If you are looking to tighten up your budget and save some SERIOUS money to make your homeownership dreams come true, this post is for you!

Here are 10 creative and small ways you can save money for homeownership:

  1. Declutter your home and sell items you no longer use or need
  2. Cut out your daily coffee runs ($7 x 365 days = $2,555!)
  3. Cancel unneeded subscriptions or memberships you’ve forgotten about
  4. Pack your lunch rather than going out to eat every day
  5. Plan your meals ahead of time + eat leftovers when you have extra
  6. Create a grocery list and STICK to it!
  7. Start tracking your spending and figure out where you can cut expenses
  8. Take 24-48 hours to think about any purchases over $100-$150
  9. Quit your bad habits (smoking, drinking, vaping, QT runs, etc)
  10. Stop using your credit card for things you “need” (meaning things that aren’t a necessity to live) unless you’re able to pay it off each month

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