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What is A Listing Appointment?

When someone comes to me looking to sell their home, the first thing I always like to do is schedule a listing appointment.

Similar to a first date or an interview, a listing appointment is crucial for us to get to know one another and to see if we’d be a good fit to work together on the sale of your home. Listing appointments are typically 45-90 minutes long & take place at your house. Here is what to expect at a listing appointment with me:

First things first, I’ll want to take a tour of your home to see what we are working with. After the tour, we will sit down & start the consultation & Q&A process! I will ask you questions about your goals for selling your house, your timeline for selling your house, & other questions about your home. I will go over my real estate experience, how I will market your home, how the selling process works with me, & how I can help you set a competitive listing price. I will also be able to answer any questions you have about the selling process, so be sure to prepare a list of questions!

After the listing appointment, if you decide to list your home with me, we will sign a listing agreement, & I will schedule a professional photographer & videographer to come to the house.

The home selling process might seem overwhelming, but my goal is to make it as stress free & enjoyable as possible!

Looking to sell your home within the next 30-90 days? Let’s schedule a time to discuss your goals, get to know each other better, & talk more about the selling process! Send me a DM to book a listing appointment!

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