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Why Hiring A Part Time Real Estate Agent is A Big Mistake

Why hiring a part time real estate agent is a big mistake:

1️⃣ Their level of expertise may not be top notch
because they’re not fully engaged with the real estate industry.

2️⃣ There’s no way a part time agent can negotiate on your behalf the way a full time agent can who does this every day.

3️⃣ They probably have limited availability, which can make scheduling a bit of a hassle & well as relaying information to you or the other agent in a
timely manner.

4️⃣ Part time agents may have a smaller network
& fewer resources, which could affect the ability to market your property effectively or find the best opportunities for you.

Are you looking for a full time, professional real estate to help you with your home sale? Message me today to get started.

Dawn Forkenbrock | Arizona Realtor, Real Broker 🌵

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